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ARK takes an aggressive step to find good homes
  for our furry friends that are currently in foster care 

*****There are always animals looking for a loving home.  ARK requires an adoption fee, which goes toward helping other abandoned animals. Most animals will be neutered or spayed. If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, please remember some animals have certain needs.  The members of ARK are always here to answer any questions you may have.

We also advise that you check the local pounds for a new pet
or any lost animals. Please contact ARK for spay/neuter information.

 ARK has no prior knowledge of the health, temperment,
or age of any of the animals.

*****ARK has not had heart worm or skin scrape tests performed on every foster animal, due to the additional expense that would have to be added to all adoption fees.  If it is of great importance to you, please inquire with the foster family to see if one or both of these tests have been performed on the pet of your choice.  If not, you may request that a test be performed at your expense.  Generally, each test ranges from $16-25 and an office call fee could be charged additionally.

Please click on a link below to see Animals For Adoption.

Dogs and Cats