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ARK Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics
“An appointment for a
 specific day and time is required.”
CALL 580-236-9272

The location is the new spay and neuter clinic building off of Antler Road south of Broken Bow.  The physical address is 22 Antler road.   
**All dogs need to be on a leash or in a crate.
**All cats need to be in a crate or if you do not have a crate for your cat please bring a cardboard box with flaps that can be taped to take your cat home in.
Reducing suffering and the overpopulation of companion animals thru sterilization, are ARK's primary concerns. For the past 13 years and still today ARK encourages and assists the public in getting all of their pets and even strays fixed.  We continue to take this approach even though we have faced a few obstacles.
ARK continues to schedule one low cost clinic per month. However, the veterinarian now only works 1.5 days rather than 2.5, which cuts our number of procedures considerably. In order to offset this we attempt to work with the public using a voucher and our local vets, where appropriate.  Examples are low income families with a larger breed dog (30+ pounds) and dogs or cats that are known to be pregnant and unable to go on a waiting list for a clinic, etc.
If you fit into one of these categories please let the ARK volunteer know when you call.  Otherwise we would like for you to leave your name, 2 working phone numbers, the gender, species, age and size of your pet on voice mail or with a volunteer.  We will then add your name to our low cost spay and neuter waiting list and will call you when we arrive at your name on our list. If you should remain on a waiting list for an extended period (8 or more weeks) of time you may call and check in, as we make 2 solid attempts to reach someone and then move to the next name on the list. We must do this because of the excessive number of people that we try to reach each month and the fact that we are all volunteers trying to do so around family and work time.  Please do not assume, that when you call in, that you will be called for the very next clinic and please do not show up at a clinic expecting to be worked in.  We try our best to keep an organized system to most effectively assist the public with getting the greatest number of pets fixed. 
If you go on a waiting list and then your pet does accidentally become pregnant please call back and inform a volunteer.  We are saddened to have to have a waiting list as this does sometimes happen. By all means, call immediately so that we can help you take appropriate action. 
Clearing up myths.............  pets can be fixed while pregnant (even though this is not ideal to any of us) and they can be fixed while in heat.  If you do not have a home for all babies and intend on seeing that all of them are fixed prior to being placed in homes you should consider getting the mama fixed anyway.  If a pet is in heat when you get her fixed she must be kept away from any males until her heat cycle is complete. She will finish her heat cycle, but will not have any more after sterilization. It could be fatal to her if exposed to a male after surgery.
We really appreciate the public, your patience and the effort to help us get as many pets fixed as possible. Together we are all making a difference in our county!