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Adoption Policy

Animals come into The ARK's possession via rescue of abandoned and stray animals, relinquishment by owners, request by law enforcement, etc.  It is the goal of The ARK to adopt these animals into long-term, suitable homes.
Adoption is facilitated by contact with the public, The ARK web site, newspaper ads, other media, word of mouth, and adoption days.
The policy of The ARK is that animals will be sterilized before adoption, unless extenuating circumstances do not permit.  If an unsterilized animal is adopted, the adoptive family will have agreed to spay or neuter as part of The ARK Adoption Agreement.  Follow up will be conducted by The ARK foster representative and expected as agreed upon.  Failure to sterilize an adopted pet will result in The ARK reclaiming the animal.
If an animal is seen by a interested person/family, the official ARK Adoption Questionnaire will be provided by hand delivery, mail, or the web site.  Upon completion (either by the applicant or an ARK member) and receipt of the questionnaire or written evidence of an interview, an ARK member will review for appropriate circumstances and suitability of a particular animal.
Unless pre-approved, the adoptive family may be asked to wait for verification and reference review of the application.
ARK members reserve the right to deny adoption based on their experience and knowledge of the animal's needs and the suitability of the interested person/family to meet those needs.
When an adoption is agreed upon, the adoptive person/family will pay a requested Adoption Fee and will sign the official ARK Adoption Agreement.  The  adoption fees:
If due to extenuating circumstance the animal is not sterilized at the time of adoption, the scheduled fee will be collected and a special Spay/Neuter Voucher will be given to the new owner for use at the next available low-cost clinic.
The adoption forms, adoption fee, and the adoption application or written evidence of an interview, and copy of the special spay/neuter voucher when given should be forwarded to The ARK office of record.
Application Review Procedures 
The Board recommends patient and thorough review of all applicants.  If possible, the review process should include background review via other ARK members, veterinarian references as allowed by the adoption form, review of certain ARK rosters, etc.