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Policy on Foster Animals of Former ARK Foster Member

Whereas the Board of Directors of The ARK recognizes that for various reasons some foster members may leave The ARK organization;
Whereas the Board also recognizes that former foster members may still possess ARK foster animals;
The Board sets forth this policy as guidance to determine and so recognize who will remain responsible for said animals and past or future cost associated with their care.
The Board agrees to offer the former foster member the following options and allow that former member to choose which arrangement best suits his or her circumstances.
A Board member will be appointed with each occurrence to contact the former member for consultation and determination of choice.
The former foster member may:
a) Work with an appointed Board Member in a "Coach Assist" mode until all said animals are adopted or are relinquished to The ARK should space be available. The foster animals will remain on the ARK website and Petfinder.com and be adopted in accordance to the ARK adoption policy, with adoption fees being paid to The ARK. The former member will be asked to submit a list of joint interest animals to The ARK office within 2 weeks of resignation as a member.
Any future fostering relationship between said person and the ARK would also be routed through a member in a "Coach/Assist" mode as done with other volunteers who wish to assist the ARK in a foster situation.
Also any "Coach/Assist" arrangement whereby the former foster member was the "Coach" shall be reappointed by the Board.
b)  The former member may so state that he/she will continue to be solely responsible for the animals and will, within an agreed upon time, reimburse the ARK for prior cost associated with spay/neuter and shots thusly ending ARK affiliation with said animals. At this time these animals would be removed from the ARK website, Petfinder.com and any other ARK related links and any adoption fees claimed would go to said person if ARK has been reimbursed for its expenses.
Approved by the Board May 4, 2010